March 9, 2010

Cellgraft - External Habitation

Here is Cellgraft's newest full length, External Habitation. Its so fast and tight, the drums almost sound like tin cans... but this is a good thing, you'll see. For fans of Insect Warfare, Carcass Grinder, and Unholy Grave. Includes a Napalm Death cover.

1. Centrosymmetric
2. Infrastructure
3. Corrupted Imagery
4. Machine Harvester
5. Diminish Resistance
6. Codex Alimentarius
7. Chronological Enslavement
8. Dormant Behavior Patterns
9. Collective Dysfunction
10. Devolved Through Dependency
11. External Habitation
12. Basis For Adaptation
13. Scum (Napalm Death)

Cellgraft - External Habitation

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