March 10, 2010

324 - Boutoku No Taiyo

324 is a Japanese Grindcore band, similar to Gridlink and Discordance Axis. Boutoku No Taiyo is 324's first full length album. This is one of my favorite Japanese Grindcore albums.
25 seconds into the album it feels like your being hit with a wall of riffs, thick bass, blast beats, and then deep yelling vocals in Japanese. The production of the album is surprisingly good for the Japanese Grindcore I'm used to.

1.Silence before silver screen02:41
2.Quarter moon01:08
3.Red origin still streaming01:26
4.Plastic dream02:07
5.Kurogane no mori01:08
6.Disgusting flower01:43
7.Swinging skull00:57
8.Broken clock01:31
9.Crawl in the transparency01:08
10.New dimension01:34
12.Flash rings link01:55

324 - Boutoku No Taiyo

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